Going to Merida and Guadalajara, Mexico?

Donkey and Wagon

Guadalajara and Merida are both capitals of Mexican states Jalisco and Yucatan. Each of these Mexican states houses nearly a million citizens. Merida has an average temperature of 91° F while Guadalajara is not as hot during the summer. The temperature along with its cultural architecture and truly lovely plazas and rose gardens is the reason why this country is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world.

Getting to Merida is quite easy because of the international airport right in the middle of the city. Once you can reach the city, it would be easy to get around with its superb bus service. This unique service reflects similarly to the bus service in Guadalajara and other Mexican towns. Their bus services have climate control as well as reclining seats, video monitors for entertainment, pillows and blankets as well as a bathroom.

Merida has no trains, but instead of those, buses, taxis, and rental cars will be there to carry your around the city especially to the Gulf of Mexico. Also, you should expect to pay less than the usual price in the U.S. for buses and taxi rights.  Make sure to brush up on your Spanish before traveling to Mexico as most locals do not speak a second language.   Learning Spanish is easy as there are several free sites you can use to pick up basic communications skills.

The Love of Animals

Everyone will love Zoologico Guadalajara especially those who have an affinity towards animals and wildlife. The zoo and ecological center in one has an area of 34 hectares. It has a petting zoo, herpetarium, aviary as well as a museum. In this zoo, you will find up to 2360 various animals and species. You will have a choice between walking and riding the train to see the sights for sure.


If you have a penchant for unique dishes, you wouldn’t want to miss the cuisine in Merida. Because of the separation between mainland Mexico and Yucatan because of geography, cuisine evolved as well. You will find dishes that have a variety of influences from Spanish and European roots.

Must Sees

Centro Historico is one of the sites that you would not want to miss in Merida. This name translates to the Historic Centre. In Guadalajara, they have the Calandrias or a bright yellow carriage pulled by horses. These carriages will be able to take you around the city while you sit under the canopy of bright lights on all sides. You can also rely on your coach as a tourist guide so be sure to chat with him during your travel.

Ancient structures dating back to the 1500s can be seen around the cities. You will find a lot of museums and art galleries that will reflect a wealth of culture and beauty. This place also houses contemporary artwork from both locations. These islands are also littered with gift shops and theaters.

You will experience everything from the sand, food, language and the culture in these Mexican cities. You would not want to leave Guadalajara in Merida as soon as you come to visit and learn more in the end.





Three Fun Lakes for Vacations in Texas

Texas has more than 150 lakes. This makes it a bit challenging if you are trying to locate a lake where you will spend your time with family and friends in fun activities. Whether you love lake activities such as boating, Jet Ski, fishing, swimming or just eating fish, you will have a place where you will relax with loved ones. If you will like to spend your summer in Texas, then you will have plenty of opportunities for you to relax out in the sun. You need to check out the tourist attraction sites available in different lakes so that you will decide on one which will assure you great success in your adventure.


Three Fun Lakes for Vacations in Texas

1. Lake Whitney

This is a reservoir in Brazos River. It is located about 30 miles towards the north of Waco. There are plenty of activities you can get involved while at the lake. You can go Jet Ski, swimming among other activities. In order to make your stay at the lake peaceful, you need to book a facility where you will spend your nights. There are several rental facilities which you can book in advance.

Lake Whitney

2. Caddo Lake

This is the only natural lake in Texas which has thick bald cypress trees and open waterways. It is a great destination for those who will like to spend holidays canoeing, swimming and other activities. The lake is located in the Karnack region of Texas. There are plenty of fun activities you can get involved.

Lake Caddo

3. Lake Travis

This is a reservoir in the Colorado River. It is a lake near Austin which has formed a popular summer destination for those who will like to hangout by the lakeside. The lake has several adjacent accommodation facilities which you can book and spend your time engaged in fun activities during your free time.

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Top Three Summer Vacation Spots in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the country. Due to its enormous size there is no need to even leave the state when looking for a great vacation spot for the summer. In fact, there are many places in Texas that are equipped to provide you with an epic summer adventure. Many people do not realize the miles and miles of beaches that Texas possesses, or the rivers and other historical attractions. However, you probably want to stay close to the water, because Texas is known for its hot and crazy summers. If you are looking for a great place to vacation, here are the top three summer vacation spots in Texas:

1. Corpus Christi

If you are familiar with Texas at all, you have probably heard of this gem of a city. Corpus Christi is home to Gulf Coast beaches and many other sites and attractions. The Texas State Aquarium is famous for its marine animals and the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center is an amazing location for nature enthusiasts. History buffs can be impressed by the USS Lexington World War II aircraft carrier which is permanently docked in Corpus Christi and always open for tours. As you can see, with so many things to do and see, this is a great location for any summer vacation.

2. Galveston, Texas

Have you seen a picture of a Texas city with a roller coaster and pier? If you have it was probably Galveston. Just about 30 minutes south of Houston, Galveston has many beaches and other impressive locations. They have opportunities to ride a pedal carriage along the seawall or shop and dine at The Strand. Moody Gardens is famous within the state for its IMAX Theater and eclectic rain forest garden. The city’s most historic sites for visitors are the Bishop Palace and Moody Mansion. This city is another somewhat hidden gem in the great state of Texas.

3. San Antonio, Texas


Since we previously mentioned lesser known locations, we should also mention one of Texas’ most popular tourist destinations. San Antonio is somewhat of a cultural epicenter for Texas, and has everything you need to stay busy during the summer. The Riverwalk is a famous shopping location that also has hotels, restaurants, and ample nightlife. You might never need to leave the Riverwalk during your entire vacation. However, if you want to get out you could visit the Alamo, home to the most historical battle in the fight for Texas independence. San Antonio is also home to the famous San Antonio Zoo. San Antonio can even boast to being the home to two top theme parks, Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

As you can see the great state of Texas is the ideal location for your summer vacation. You can be a little more low key, but still have a great time in Corpus Christi or Galveston, or you can go all out with the other vacationers and tourists in San Antonio. Whether you call Texas your home, or are coming from out of state, Texas is the perfect spot for your summer getaway. Get ready for big fun, because everything is bigger in Texas!

Corporate guy at camping

Corporate guy at camping

stanley-lake-camping-credit-carol-waller-2011I always considered myself as a corporate guy who doesn’t like to have a connection with nature. I don’t have anything against Mother Nature, I recycle and do those kinds of things, but I never wanted to try enjoying some outdoor recreation. My plan of having fun is simple. When I am not working and when I want to relax and I go to my home and watch TV shows which I recorded before. Also, I enjoy going to the Movies while I eat popcorns and drink juice. When I want to meet with my friends, I go to a bar to drink some beer and maybe sing at Karaoke. Sometimes we are gathering in some basketball hall to shoot hoops. I cannot say that I am NBA material but I am pretty good at playing basketball. The proof is that my team always wins. So you see I am a simple guy, and when someone tells me that we should go camping I always give him the look of the killer. But some of my work friends asked me to go one camping trip one day. I told them no immediately, but they tried to convince me that I should go with them. And I started thinking about it because we are not so well-connected out of work. We cooperate very well on the workplace but we were never organized outside work to have a drink or something. And shortly, we had to compete with other teams for some group job. I believe that teamwork is the most important attribute on the workplace and because of that, I agree to go on the camping trip with them.


They were all experienced with those kinds of trips and I was not. Luckily I went with them because, to be frank, I looked like a fool out there. I thought that all you need to bring on those kinds of trips is a tent and sleeping bag and the rest of is to fight for your life in the wilderness. I secretly brought some candies for myself if I starve to death because I didn’t found some mushrooms or whatever they hunted in the forest. As I said – I was a fool. We went with the van and I saw that they have all kinds of equipment for camping.

campingThey had comfortable mattresses for their tents. Also, we went to the camping site where you have electricity so one of my friends even brought a hairdryer. When we came there, and after I took some courage, I told them what I thought how this camping trip would look. They didn’t laugh because they knew that I was only uneducated about it. Anyway. we had a real blast. I did not eve have problems with the sleeping because one of my friends borrowed me his spare mattress. In the camp, there was even organized paintball competition and we won second place. After the trip, we became better friends and we won that group job we needed.

In conclusion, we are organizing to go again and again on this trip. We also considered that we could go to the wilderness for camping, but maybe I will call sick that day.